Canyons in Georgia


Okatse & Martvili Canyons

Martvili Canyon near Kutaisi

Martvili Canyon is a picturesque landmark of water and rocks, located 50km west of Kutaisi.

The canyon was formed by the waters of the Abasha (Abashi) River. It is 2.4 km long, and the height of the canyon walls reaches 40 m in some places. This natural landmark attracts many tourists who want to experience the contrast between the tranquil river and the dynamic waterfalls. At the beginning, Martvili Canyon is a very quiet, deep gorge with high humidity, where the rocks are covered with moss and the flow of the river is so slow that it seems as if time has stopped. In the middle of the canyon suddenly appears a large 12 m waterfall, from which tons of water fall every second.

The main highlight of the Martvili Canyon is boating to the waterfalls. Inflatable boats, life jackets and helmets at the pier hint at white water rafting, but boating the canyon is a pleasant, easy trip, and the equipment is just a safety precaution. The length of the route the boats take along the river is about 1 km, and the trip takes about 30 minutes (including photo stops). Children under 5 years old are not allowed on the boats


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Okatse Canyon

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Okatse Canyon near Kutaisi

It is made of limestone rocks and is 3km long and about 50m deep. The highlight of the canyon is a narrow suspension bridge/walkway about 1km long, which ends at a viewing platform that offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature.

The footpath to the canyon passes through a beautiful forest area where you can see the ruins of the 18th century palace of the Dadiani princes. The walk is very pleasant, as the path is mainly descending – but on the way back, you should be prepared for a constant ascent. Alternatively, you can take a taxi (jeep) between the visitor center and the canyon. Taxis are available in both locations. Finally, the Okatse Canyon itself begins: first there is a long staircase down, followed by a narrow steel walkway that runs along the walls of the canyon and hangs many meters above the ground. If you are scared of heights, you may find this quite intimidating! The walkway is only wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side, and travel is only permitted in one direction. At the end of the walkway, you will find a viewing platform in the form of a jib crane hanging directly above the centre of the gorge. This platform offers the best view of the surrounding nature and the Okatse River below, which flows along the bottom of the canyon.


The Martvili Canyon is one of those places that you’ll often hear about when planning a trip to Georgia.

But the Martvili Canyons is more than just a natural wonder. It is a place that’s teeming with history and has played a significant role in Georgian culture and history. Several years ago, the Martvili canyons served as the bathing place of Georgian nobles, more specifically the Dadiani Family. The Dadiani family consists of dukes, princes, and nobles, who used to rule Samegrelo, the western province of Georgia where the Martvili canyon can be found. They are said to have a very close relationship with Napoleon Bonaparte.The crystal clear water of the canyon is surrounded by a lush green forest, which further enhances its emerald green colour. Nowadays, visitors can freely walk around the canyon and marvel at the incredible scenery of the emerald green river and its majestic waterfalls.

The Okatse Canyon is a scenic area with suspended boardwalks over a verdant river canyon with waterfalls & cliffs.

Okatse canyon route is very interesting for extreme lovers. It has a pedestrian route which goes through Dadiani historical forest, 780 m length hanging trail and finishes with panoramic view, where visitors can take memorable photos by Smart-Selfie Camera, installed nearby. There is an exciting 700m-long walkway projects from the edge of this 100m-deep canyon and culminates in a viewing platform that hangs right out over the middle.

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