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Things to do and see in Georgia

Top 3 Things to Do and See in Georgia

Must Try Wines in Georgia

Wine-making tradition here dates back to 6000 BC.

The traditional method of making wine – in clay pots called Qvevri – is still used and makes very unique flavored wines. The art of making Qvevri is passed down generations and is UNESCO heritage. Today Kakheti wine-makers use both the traditional and European methods of making wine and have a fascinating variety which is getting noticed on the international wine market – Georgian orange wines have been recommended by the Washington Post and many wines have won international competitions.

Ripe grapes, Kakheti Qvevri, Kakheti Wine cellar, Kakheti There are 45 varieties of grape grown in Kakheti, including 14 Protected Designations of Origin, which means the name can only be used for the wine produced in that specific area.

Georgian wine
Georgian wine and cuisine tour
Top 3 Things To Do And See In Georgia

National Cuisine of Georgia

Georgian cuisine has absorbed culinary traditions of Transcaucasia, Asia and the Black Sea coast.

The western part of Georgia was particularly influenced by Turkish cuisine. Iranian influence is prevalent in the west. In western Georgia, corn flour flat cakes similar to cornbread called mchadi are common. In contrast, the eastern Georgian people prefer white bread baked in huge clay furnaces called tone. The oblong uncut loaf is called tonis puri. Easterners use corn flour to cook thick mash called gomi – which is eaten, instead of bread, with meat and vegetable dishes. Eastern Georgians cook mutton and use many animal fats along with beef. In Western Georgia they favor poultry – chicken, turkey and other fowl. Rennet cheeses such as sulguni and imeruli are popular in Western Georgia. Eastern Georgia features spicy and salty cheeses such askobian and tushin.

Amazing Nature of Georgia

The nature of Georgia offers an incredible variety of landscapes, flora and fauna.

Georgia is situated on the Black Sea coast between the mountain ranges of the Greater Caucasus in the north and the Lesser Caucasus in the south. Mountains occupy two thirds of Georgia’s land area. In the west of the country lies the Colchis lowland. Eastern Georgia has fertile plains in the historical areas of Imeretia, Kartli and Kakhetia. Nearly one third of the area of the country is occupied with forest concentrated mainly in the mountains. The eastern foothills have extensive coniferous and boreal forest. In the west of Georgia, wooded areas hug the Black Sea coast. The woods of the Black Sea coast are especially rich and varied.
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